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Our Story

The Company of design is a multifaceted design firm initiated in 2015, by Architect Niel Parekh and Pooja Shah, with the belief that designing should not be confined to any one dimension, may it be architecture, residential interiors, retail space designing, graphics or Urban design. Interaction with a space should be the basis of a design. The idea is to use the tangible elements to create a design which would bring out the intangibles like emotion in the end user of the space. We believe in an architectural practice, where its not the style of an architect that becomes pivot for a design but the context that forges a design. Irrespective of the scale of a project, for us, any project is like a blank canvas where we strive to create a harmonious painting through creative placement of the paraphernalia of that space. 
We are a team of enthusiastic and like minded people who strive to evolve in terms of designers with time and create timeless designs using various mediums like handcrafted models, 3D renderings, sketches and 2D drawings.

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