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CC Reserve

Name : CC Reserve

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Carpet Area :  220

Date of Completion :  Jan 2021

Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Zeal Jhaveri

Picture Courtesy : The Fishy Project


The 110-seater CC Reserve Cafe is spread over in 220-square-metre, spread on two floors in a commercial complex, with a small garden area towards the north side. Understanding Coffee Culture’s brand philosophy and roots, with this new outlet the idea was to launch ‘CC Reserve’ where people could have a holistic experience of speciality coffee. The two-storeyed space accommodates two programs, specialty coffee experience on the ground floor, and restaurant on the first floor.  Idea was to create a unique space, a small lush oasis where people could come to take a break from the concrete jungle.

Spatially, Speciality coffee area has more of a café style seating arrangement including a seating facing the front facade allowing patrons to casually sit on bar stools and reflect on the streetscape through the glass windows. A folded metal staircase in the corner leads to the first floor which has a similar palette but with a more elegant feel. The idea was to create a versatile yet intimate space where people could come by for a variety of occasions, for a quiet time with a book and a cup of coffee, or spend some time in the company of friends.

On the Ground floor, the greenish-grey Kota stone floors with grey ceiling and beige walls act as a subtle backdrop for the brew counter to stand out with the customised artwork wherein the color palette is inspired from organic Coffee farms. Also, the tropical green wall with the neon light is directly visible from the street provoking curiosity in passing pedestrians. Similar aesthetic continues upstairs. The first floor is dedicated to a more structured seating with back-to-back sofas along the north facade and lounge chair seating along the west façade.  Green plants become the protagonist of the space, placed along the facade acting as a barrier from direct sunlight while also blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor.

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