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Name : Nandanvan House

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Site Area : 4300 sq.ft.

Date of Completion :  February 2019

Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Khubchand Suthar, Aakruti Johari, Mukesh Suthar

Picture Courtesy : The Fishy Project

The façade, modular composition and the typology of openings responds to the characteristics of the street which is narrow and of little social value. This environment has largely conditioned the design of the entire house, which looks inwards and displays a more subtle and stoic image to the outside.

CoDe earth vapi-4.jpg
CoDe earth vapi-1.jpg
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CoDe earth vapi-10.jpg
CoDe earth vapi-8.jpg
CoDe earth vapi-6.jpg
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