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House of Gestures

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Site Area:  3300 sq.ft.

Date of Completion:  01st April, 2021

Design Team: Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Khubchand Suthar , Khushboo Wakawala, Dhwani Ajmera

Picture Courtesy: The Fishy Project


The brief required that the home for five members be expressive, while being minimalist and be specific to the lifestyle of the family. The four bedroom home has 4 bathrooms, living area, a connected dining and kitchen and a roof top extension.

The house explores the idea of an artistic expression through geometric play of different materials coming together to form a dynamic space, full of energy, which also reflects the owner's personality. Most of the customised furniture consisting of brass and wood has a graphical and minimalist design aesthetics providing visual unity and different spatial experiences that unfold throughout the house.

Contrasting with the laid-back feeling of the overall neutral palette, the black and white striped centre table and the customised wooden pillars also acting as a lighting fixture shape the moody living room. Throughout, design elements are balanced with graceful, softer gestures, whether the banana fibre lights suspended above the console table in living room or the brass dressing unit whimsically offsetting the master bedroom’s masculine blues. All the rooms have large windows, creating a light-filled space with a neutral palette of natural materials to form sensory warmth and relaxation.

CoDe Kapadia residence-15.jpg
CoDe Kapadia residence-18.jpg
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CoDe Kapadia residence-1.jpg
CoDe Kapadia residence-6.jpg
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CoDe Kapadia residence-13.jpg
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