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The Hauss Cafe 

Name : The Hauss

Location : Surat, Gujarat

Site Area :  4300 sq.ft.

Date of Completion :  Jan 2021

Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Moli Patwa, Khubchand Suthar

Picture Courtesy : The Fishy Project


With the idea of catering to diverse customers, the Café called ‘The Hauss’ is part of the campus of a Game Zone, located on a tertiary street of a developing area in Surat, Gujarat. Spatially, it consists of two blocks — a semi-enclosed food preparation area and the outdoor paved area for seating, which allows guests to partly observe the preparation of food. The intervention was to be done in an existing metal framed structure that would accommodate the seating in a L-Shaped area adjoining the Shed of Game zone.  A raised platform at the junction of L Seating invites bands to perform, adding vibrancy to the entirety of the site.

The Idea was to achieve a free spirited space, which can be integrated into the scene of everyday life and become a private destination where people can shake off stress and feel relaxed. The fabric ceiling covering metal frames with inverted vaults looks like a marquee, an outdoor festive space, giving it a European street café vibe. The overall landscape complements the strict framed geometry, while also allowing different activities involving people to occur in the evenings by shifting few furniture pieces, consequently creating a lively, cheerful space.

The space consists of neutral and soft colors in order to create an intimate and subdued atmosphere. The goal is to achieve a space that harbors intimacy and provides a moment of calmness for the urban diners.

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