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Mud House

Location : Surat, Gujarat
Built Area: 116 sqmt.
Site Area: 2275 sqmt.
Completion year : 2014
Design team: Niel Parekh(The Code) in collaboration with Anil Kantrodia and Chirag Torawala (Can Architecture)
Picture Courtesy: Pooja Kedia

The site context was the inspiration to use rammed mud wall as a building material, which adds to the aesthetics as well as sustainable building solution. A perfect ratio of mud to water to sand to concrete to build all 24 of those modular earthen rammed walls was formulated.

The steel cantilevered roof acts as a cover to the structure, and also as an aesthetical element, giving a heavenly feeling, bringing in natural diffused light. The central ridge of the sloping roof, acts as a natural waterfall during rains. The earthen walls gives the spaces a very homely touch, where one feels one with nature. And the best feature is being able to discover modern methods ,yet remain rooted to your place.

Mud 24-02.jpg
Mud 24-03.jpg
Mud 24-04.jpg
Mud 24-01.jpg
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