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Baben Bistro

Location : Surat, Gujarat
Carpet Area : 4300 Sqft
Completion Year : 2018 
Design Team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Jekin Sanghvi, Dhwani Ajmera, Dixa Mistry
Picture Courtesy : The Fishy Project

This classic fine dining restaurant located in Baben, a small town in South Gujarat has touches of modernity, with minimalist but elegant décor.
On the Ground floor, walls are finished in lime plaster while the flooring design was created with a bold and alternating striking linear pattern of white indian marble and black cuduppah stone. The furniture here is a mix of both fixed booth style seating and loose restaurant tables. In contrast, the first floor is more casual with a banquet hall that opens up to a semi-open seating area through pivoted wooden doors. 
The color palette of the ground floor comprises a combination of soft and bright solid hues along with the metal wire art work on the wall relaying the tale of the town and the brand has been done with the intention to appeal and draw a connect with the restaurant's target demographic. 
The gilt accents are complemented with minimal, sculptural lights in silk fabric, which add to the warmth of the scheme. 

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