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MES Auditorium

Location : Mandvi, Surat, Gujarat
Built Area: 1065 sqmt.
Site Area: 34700 sqmt.
Completion year : 2016
Design team: Niel Parekh(The Code) in collaboration with Neogenesis+Studi0261 and Can Architecture
Picture Courtesy: The Fishy Project

Proposed Auditorium is Located in the campus of Mandvi edu.Soc.,Mandvi(Dist.-Surat), which lies in eastern tribal belt of Gujarat, India. 
Idea was to design a public interface within the campus that also interacts with the adjoining road and surroundings outside campus as dialogue of this structure with road is very important.The simplicity of the form is derived from the program itself. The whole program was divided into 3 parts - Auditorium block, circular wall and a rectangular admin & service block. The rectangular seating hall is enveloped within the circular wall, which serves as a barricade and marks for the overall configuration.
The access wall exhibits a series of Worli art done by the local artists, thereby blending architecture, culture and artisanshipLamps installed in the foyer are made from perforated clay pots trussified together in MS.

MES Auditorium-2.jpg
MES Auditorium-3.jpg
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