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Location : Surat, Gujarat

Carpet Area:  550 sq.ft.

Completion Year: February 2021

Design Team: Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Priyanka Vaya

Picture Courtesy: The Fishy Project

BAREPRESS , A juice brand known for their cold press juices having a virtual existence wanted to expand it into retail , adding more to their Menu. Patrons enter the store through contrasting dark niche with sit out space that appears to be carved out of the building's mass. The store entry has a setback in the front with exterior walls painted black, which animate the front façade framing the entry inside.

The overall palette of the store is derived with the  concept was of using monochromatic envelop with the use of one pastel shade of blue to give out fresh, cool beach vibes.

The essence of the process of cold pressed is shown across the wall over the seating space, while removable white boards on the walls at the back and sides of the counter is used to display the menus and price lists. Table tops are designed in black and white casted concrete supported on MS frames combined with organic cane chairs for seating. Tables are set against the seamless blue micro concrete seating to complement the otherwise monochromatic space.

Bare press by CoDe-10.jpg
Bare press by CoDe-1.jpg
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Bare press by CoDe-8.jpg
Bare press by CoDe-2.jpg
Bare press by CoDe-7.jpg
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