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Understated elegance

Location : Surat, Gujarat
Carpet Area: 3300 Sqft
Completion year : 2018
Design team : Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Devyani Minocha
Photo Courtesy : Ishita Sitwala (The Fishy project)

The young couple asked for a contemporary functional house which could evolve around their kids and their parents but at the same time the house needed to be a habitable space where the century old paintings and art pieces collected by the generations of the clients family could be displayed inconspicuously.  
An insouciant elegance best describes the soul of the house. In order to make a dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional, different textures, patterns and colors have been used throughout the house. The patterns inspired from the work of the artist Nigel Peake and the traditional artwork act as a binding vine between the old and the new. Spatially, the house is divided into two: the social and the private areas. The social area comprises of the living, dining and the kitchen which flow seamless into one another. Each bedroom has a character of its own based on the user. 
The materiality of the project is simple, defining the three main elements that make it up: the mix of IPS and terrazzo flooring changing as per the functionality of the space, wood defining the objects, and 35 feet long exposed brickwork wall with the hand printed tiles inserted within acting as a canvas for the miniature paintings binding the social area. The design of the furniture in wood and brass nods to tradition but is executed in a modern minimalist way.

CoDe Khajanchi-149.jpg
Khajanchi house-02.jpg
CoDe Khajanchi-101.jpg
Khajanchi house-06.jpg
Khajanchi house-05.jpg
CoDe Khajanchi-193.jpg
Khajanchi house-09.jpg
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