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Hair Saint Salon

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Site Area:  2345 sq.ft.

Date of Completion:  25th July, 2021

Design Team: Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Khubchand Suthar , Dhwani Ajmera

Picture Courtesy: The Fishy Project

The client desired a classy ambience with a gender neutral environment, so the idea to create something that is simple yet impactful evolved.  It is located on the ground floor of a building facing the main street in Baroda City.

The space is enveloped in a blank canvas with its objects highlighted, this unisex salon in Vadodara caters to the idea of LAYERS within a linear space. The layers were to express divisions for the programs yet they overlap each other. The design elements infuse a calm and soothing vibe into the overall mood to the salon with a clear focus on clean lines and simplicity. The space includes meticulously planned layers which transforms into a functional yet refined setting

The idea was to create a minimalistic backdrop to the space in order to highlight the internal layers of the space through screens and its functions. The usage of arches is to provide gateways from one place to another, which breaks the linearity of the space. The circulation of the space was such that you could feel partial presence of the adjacent space.

CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-17.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-11.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-7.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-7.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-9.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-16.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-8.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-1.jpg
CoDe Hair saint Vadodara salon-14.jpg
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